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With its energetic and bright manner, the Good Mood Package inspires thousands of fans. What really counts is Quality in his videos! His videos are both visually and artistically a real eye-catcher. Since Gustaf is streaming regularly on Twitch again, the milestone of 100k followers is only a matter of time! Gustaf is currently focusing on Warzone in his streams but is not afraid to play a round of single-player like Zelda.

GustafGabel responds daily via 1M follower. His / her videos are viewed monthly 1.1M times.

Views last 30 days: 686K Views
Total Views: 48M Viewers
Views last 30 days: 173K Views
Total Views: 95.4M Viewers
Views last 30 days: 212K Views
Total Views: 2.4M Viewers
Views last 30 days: 0 Views
Total Views: 33K Viewers
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