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Jonas is a passionate gamer who after graduating from high school in Dortmund, Germany, found his way into streaming. At the beginning of 2018 he decided to turn his hobby into his profession during his studies and has since then been able to establish himself in the Top 20 of German streamers. In his livestreams Pain inspires his community with different games, in addition well-known personalities from the scene like Kamo or Elotrix are also a regular part. Pain stands out from the competition due to his relaxed manner paired with smart entertainment, which enabled him to win campaigns from PokerStars, Nvidia & Ubisoft, among others.

Pain responds daily via 1M follower. His / her videos are viewed monthly 1.8M times.

Views last 30 days: 1.1M Views
Total Views: 20.5M Viewers
Views last 30 days: 29K Views
Total Views: 15.9M Viewers
Views last 30 days: 389K Views
Total Views: 10M Viewers
Views last 30 days: 251K Views
Total Views: 7.7M Viewers
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