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Do you believe at first sight that Kunshi is a gamer? Maybe not. But beware, this kitten is a total nerd Gaming and entertainment are her thing! She got her first Gameboy when she was 4 years old, meanwhile she is among the 100 most successful streamers in Germany. Kunshi paints a smile on everyone's face with her always positive charisma and her inner class clown! What is there to see at Kunshi? Variety is the name of the game, her community takes her not only through gaming, but also through everyday life or holidays. At every opportunity, a camera or the livestream is there! Besides her gamer lifestyle, Kunshi loves fitness, watching TV series, reading comics, cooking, singing or playing with her cats.

Kunshikitty responds daily via 307K follower. His / her videos are viewed monthly 432K times.

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