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With his channels, Tim "Timit" stands for relaxed entertainment and shared fun with viewers & fellow players. As one of the big names and an important part of the German-speaking Among Us community and an image as a crafty imposter, Tim inspires his viewers in the form of videos & streams. But even beyond Among Us, he manages to establish a direct connection with his fans through the interaction with his chat and the exchange with his viewers there. As a full-time streamer on Twitch and content creator on YouTube, Timit has built up a solid fan base and regularly provides them with his content.

Timit responds daily via 185K follower. His / her videos are viewed monthly 209K times.

Views last 30 days: 0 Views
Total Views: 1.7M Viewers
Views last 30 days: 209K Views
Total Views: 610K Viewers

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