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Described by some as a Warzone prodigy, by others simply as a "hacker", one thing is definitely certain: KayzahR is an exceptional COD talent. Chris, who only appeared on the scene last year, quickly played his way into the hearts and minds of the community through his multiple wins at Germany's largest and most highly endowed Warzone tournaments. For example, he secured first place in both ELoTRiX Lifestyle Tournament and the Trymacs Invitational, each with €10,000 in prize money. As a streamer on Twitch, Chris can still teach most of his viewers a thing or two with his highskill gameplay, consisting of his analytical-tactical approach combined with his outstanding Aim. In combination with his relaxed manner, this led to Chris being able to build up a large community in a very short time and being one of the German leaders with his viewer numbers on Twitch.

KayzahR responds daily via 323K follower. His / her videos are viewed monthly 359K times.

Views last 30 days: 359K Views
Total Views: 14.4M Viewers
Views last 30 days: 0 Views
Total Views: 6.8M Viewers
Follower: 20K
Total Likes: 248K
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