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22-year-old Rebecca aka. Skaisie is still at the beginning of her Twitch career, so she only started streaming in November 2020. However, she quickly built up a loyal viewership that accompanies her on her regular trips to Verdansk in CoD Warzone. Despite her short Twitch career, she has already been able to professionalize herself to a high degree, which is not a given with so many new up-and-coming talents - so she has a regulated streaming schedule, high quality recording capabilities, and that certain something of character that it takes to become truly successful in our industry. We have full confidence that Skaisie is just starting out and are excited to watch her grow and develop! She is currently studying business psychology near Munich and is also working in the marketing field - so she has the best prerequisites :)

Skaisie responds daily via 20K follower. His / her videos are viewed monthly 21K times.

Views last 30 days: 21K Views
Total Views: 241K Viewers

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