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Kiara aka JustGiggles has already experienced a lot in her career in the gaming industry: Through her position as team captain of the German women's national team in CoD, editor-in-chief of Dexerto Germany, editor & presenter at Rocket Beans or as presenter of the digital Gamescom 2021 at Webedia, she has been able to prove her qualities as a presenter, but also as a gamer, countless times. Currently, her focus is on her Twitch stream, in which she entertains her viewers with a wide variety of games and formats - variety at its best. There is something for everyone: be it show matches against fellow streamers, challenges such as no-death runs or even games that you might not see so often on Twitch. The participation and integration of her community in her streams is one of the cornerstones of her content. Kiara is always coming up with new formats and concepts to create highlights for and together with her community.

Giggles responds daily via 51K follower. His / her videos are viewed monthly 65K times.

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