Gamescom 2020 x TikTok

Gamescom 2020 x TikTok


On the occasion of this year's Gamescom there was a large-scale promotion on TikTok. Including our Ciberdime artists: Yonca, Jessie, Marcel and Smexy.


Gamescom goes digital

Due to the circumstances of this year, this year's Gamescom (27.-30.08.) took place exclusively digitally. However, under the dag gamescom x TikTok many gaming creators provided entertainment.

Entertainment for gamers

In entertaining clips, our creators presented situations that many gamers are probably familiar with. By embedding the Gamescom in TikTok content, a large audience was reached.

Record Participation

With more than 2 million viewers at "gamescom: Opening Night Live" and large coverage in social media, the digital format can be seen as a complete success for the Gamescom and the associated campaigns.



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