Elotrix Lifestyle Tournament

Elotrix Lifestyle Tournament


On November 5th the first Warzone event produced by Ciberdime: ELoTRiX Lifestyle Tournament, took place on Twitch.


High-profile participants

Including some of Germany's largest gaming content creators, competing for a total of 10.000€. The mix of entertaining personalities and some of the best COD players in Germany created a lot of excitement.

promotion in social media

The event was accompanied by a wide range of content on social media. Both before and after the stream on actual livestream ontwitch. Among others on Youtube, Instagram & Twitter.

Convincing figures

Despite a minimal time span for promotion, expectations were not disappointed: With a peak of 25k viewers on Twitch, while maintaining 22,5k in avarage, 30k interactions on Twitter and 170k impressions on Instagram, the event was very well received. More information in the graphic below.



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