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ViscaBarca joins FC Barcelona

ViscaBarca joins FC Barcelona

A dream comes true: Ciberdime creator ViscaBarca becomes an official part of FC Barcelona. As content creator, Anton will support the club on its official channels in the future.

ViscaBarca joins FC Barcelona 1

Barca on twitch

On 16/12, ViscaBarca opened the club's first Twitchstream. With a 2-1 win over Real Sociedad, 17k viewer peak and entertaining presentation in English, everything went according to plan.

ViscaBarca joins FC Barcelona 2

Future cooperation

The future collaboration will also include the opportunity to get to know the world stars and to be live at the games, which will set new standards in terms of content. As an agency, we are proud to be able to help our artists achieve opportunities of this magnitude and look forward to the future. Visca el Barca!


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