Winter Clash Tournament

Winter Clash Tournament


On 20.12. the second Warzone Tournament: Winter Clash in 2v2 format produced by Ciberdime went live. Hosted by Gustaf Gabel with co-hosts Aimbrot & Fantou.


NVIDIA & Activision

In addition to the 10k € prize money for the tournament participants, the spectators could also win something: 2 gaming PCs in Cold War design were raffled off in the stream. Integration

In addition, the tournament could be promoted via the start page of Activision's own launcher. The link led directly to the Twitch channel of host Gustaf Gabel.


The tournament was played out in a thrilling final of Raptor & Riirex vs ViscaBarca & ProErsiin, with the former claiming victory. Congratulations! We are happy that our second Warzone tournament was also so positively received by the community and are of course proud of our Creator's placements in the top positions. GG WP!



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