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IamTabak x Sportschau

IamTabak x Sportschau

At the invitation of Sportschau, our creator I am Tabak was allowed to present the DFB Cup match FC Bayern vs. Holstein Kiel on the official YouTube channel of Sportschau.

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DFB cup match

Together with Basti Red, Tone provided a full-length commentary on the match. The Bavarians, who he favoured, were narrowly defeated in the penalty shoot-out, but Tone was still able to show off his first-class moderating qualities and did a great job!

IamTabak x Sportschau 2

new record

With a peak of more than 83,000 simultaneous viewers, the previous record of approx. 30,000 was almost tripled - and thus the all-time high of the Sportschau on YouTube was raised considerably. Furthermore, with more than half a million views and almost 20,000 thumbs up, the cooperation is a great example and role model for the successful integration of influencers in already existing formats.


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