Gustaf Gabel x Aldi

Gustaf Gabel x Aldi


Our Ciberdime creator Gustaf Gabel is brand ambassador of the newly created brand ALDI Gaming!


ALDI expands range

With this creation, ALDI takes its first step into the gaming market: for the first time not only as a retailer, but also as an active participant with its own content, productions, partnerships and e-sports sponsorships.

Stream integrations

The "ALDI_Gaming_TV" channel on Twitch will be the mouthpiece and the hub for interaction with the community. In the future, ALDI Gaming will be an integral part of Georg's channel and you can look forward to new, joint formats, community tournaments and much more.

To the future!

We are pleased that ALDI is venturing into the games industry and are excited about the projects that will develop from this in the future. All the best for the launch!



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