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Square Enix Outriders

Square Enix: Outriders

With Outriders, Square Enix brought their eagerly awaited new IP onto the market on April 1st. A selection of our creators accompanied the launch.

Square Enix Outriders 1


Our creators Hardi, Elotrix, Gustaf Gabel, xHankyy & Timit already played the demo on February 25th and presented it to their viewers on Twitch. This gave the community a taste of the game before the launch.

Square Enix Outriders 2


For the official launch on the evening of April 1st, the second part of the release campaign took place with further Ciberdime artists. Raptor and our ladies Jessie, KunshiKitty & Yonca strengthened the line-up.

Square Enix Outriders 3

Kudos Square Enix

Thank you Square Enix for once again trusting in our artists! Now back to the grind, because any loot causes good.


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