CoD Legends

CoD Legends


The CoD: Legends tournament is our biggest in-house production to date.


For our partner Activision, we designed CoD: Legends, a warzone tournament that brought together the biggest German CoD streamers under one roof and at the same time focused on the 80s setting of the current Cold War Season.

format & participants

In the double-elimination format, i.e. a kill race in which both teams play against each other in the same lobby (duo vs. squads), the 32 tournament participants competed against each other and fought for the prize money of €10,000. The tournament was streamed live on Twitch and YouTube.

Hosts & Setting

The tournament was hosted by our CoD legends Elotrix & Haptic, who guided the audience through the event from a fully equipped operations centre. The set, costuming and assets continued the 80s lineage and conveyed the image of a secret mission within the CoD: Cold War storyline.

Social Media

The tournament was accompanied by an extensive, three-stage social media campaign (teaser, reveal & trailer). This content was distributed on the social media channels of hosts, partners and participants. The hosts alone reached over 1.1 million impressions on Instagram and over 600,000 on Twitter.


The participants lived up to their reputation as the best German warzone streamers and offered the audience exciting matches. The skill level of the tournament gameplay was consistently at a very high level.

The team around our creator KayzahR finally managed to secure the victory and the prize money after an overlong tournament that was exciting right to the end. Congratulations to Chris and duo partner SplasheD- GGs!


With a peak of more than 90,000 simultaneous viewers (main and participant streams) and almost 52,000 of them on the main streams, the expected figures were even exceeded. Over the entire 9 hours of the stream, the average was just under 39,000 viewers.

Thank you

We would also like to thank our partners EMP, Elgato, NVIDIA & Palit and of course Activision, without whom this tournament would not have been possible. We are delighted with this successful tournament and are sure that this is just the beginning of the big events conceived by Ciberdime. To stream VODs: Twitch | YouTube



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