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Elotrix Media Coverage

Elotrix Media-Coverage

In the past few weeks, our Creator Elotrix was not only featured on Pro7Maxx, but also found mention in the articles of major daily newspapers.

Elotrix Media Coverage 1


In eSports.com's eTelevision format, viewers were able to learn more about Elotrix's personal development, opinions and views. The show was aired on Pro7 Maxx, as well as on YouTube, and generated very positive feedback.

Elotrix Media Coverage 2

Newspaper articels

But not only television has discovered Elotrix for himself, but also the daily newspapers. Thus, an article about Carsten and his work was printed in several daily newspapers, as well as published on the Internet. Among other things in the Schwäbische, the Augsburger Allgemeine as well as the regional newspaper Neu-Ulm.

Elotrix Media Coverage 3

With a high six-digit print run, the newspapers don't quite reach Elotrix's own reach, but we're still very pleased that the more traditional media have discovered Carsten. He has really earned this kind of media appreciation.


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