Crazy Cook Off

Crazy Cook Off


For our partner HelloFresh, we designed a special kind of cooking competition. Featuring our creators Elotrix, Kayzahr, NoiizY & IamTabak.



In the competition, Elotrix, Kayzahr & NoiizY competed against each other and had a real kitchen battle. The event was hosted by our experienced commentator IamTabak. The venue was the Ciberdime kitchen studio and Elotrix's Twitch channel.


To get into the mood, the boys including the caster started the stream with a round of Overcooked, which showed them what dangers lurk in the kitchen and where teamwork would be required.

Cook Off

Afterwards, our chefs went directly to the fully equipped kitchen studio where they had to prepare the first of three dishes. Each chef had to prepare the same dish and then be judged by spectators and fellow chefs.

Handicaps & Challenges

The handicaps devised in advance to make the work of our chefs more difficult gave the showdown at the cooker a very special spice. These were assigned by the chat and our moderator. Thanks to the structure of the HelloFresh recipes, which are also suitable for beginners, they nevertheless managed to prepare extremely tasty dishes.

In addition to the taste test, the challenges also included the preparation and presentation of the dishes. Noiizy proved to be extremely talented - which earned him victory in this category in all rounds.

Partner activation

Partner & sponsor HelloFresh was organically integrated by our artists through multiple activations during the stream, including a website showcase. Since the dishes delighted everyone who tried them without exception, the HelloFresh offers could be presented very attractively.


With a total of six camera angles, including a flying cam, we were able to make the event visually appealing and present the moments of the show to the audience in a versatile way. In addition, the Cook Off was embedded in a variety of specially designed overlays and other graphics, which helped to give the event a clear line.


After the three cooking rounds were over, Noiizy was able to declare himself the winner of the Cook Off, congratulations! The participants had a lot of fun, despite their rather less pronounced skills at the cooker, and were able to celebrate a sense of achievement thanks to the recipes from HelloFresh.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partner HelloFresh, our participants and the caster, without whom this event would not have been possible. We are pleased to have once again managed such a production together with you and are sure that many more will follow! To the Twitch VOD | To the YouTube Highlight VOD



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