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Gustaf Gabel at SternTV

Gustaf Gabel at SternTV

Our Creator Gustaf Gabel was a guest on the SternTV Special 2021: What do you earn? The salary experiment

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In the talk with Steffen Hallaschka, Georg presented himself from a very approachable and reflective side. The topics were wage injustice, finances and other income issues. He was emblematic of the influencer scene and explained to the audience what he earns and why his work is not just gambling for money. The transparency that Georg displayed here is a special feature, as people in the still young industry are still rather reluctant to discuss salaries in public.

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Nevertheless, he was able to outline the topic for the viewers in a very objective and factually versed manner and also answered critical questions and objections, including those from left-wing politician Sandra Wagenknecht, with aplomb. We are pleased to have taken a big step with Georg in demystifying influencer finances, which, by being broadcast on free TV, was also able to reach segments of the population that otherwise have little or no exposure to the new, digital media. To the complete show.


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