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Mexify   Das magische Haus

Mexify - Das magische Haus

Mexify- The Magic House, the sequel to our creator Mexify's first novel, was published on 12 October.

Mexify   Das magische Haus 1


In the second part of the fantastic youth story, Mexify finds himself in the next adventure sooner than expected - because his best friend Fufu has disappeared and Mexi has to go on an exciting rescue mission. On 240 pages with lovely manga illustrations, there is once again plenty of entertainment for young readers.

Mexify   Das magische Haus 2

Das magische Haus is the sequel to the SPIEGEL bestseller success of Mexify and picks up seamlessly from the story. Many thanks to co-author Claudia Kern, illustrator Lian who supported us again and riva Verlag.Amazon Link


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