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ViscaBarca  Realtalk

ViscaBarca- Realtalk

"REALTALK". Deception, appearances and debts. My life as an influencer". These are the clear words Anton "ViscaBarca" Rinas uses to title his autobiographical reappraisal of his career to date and allows the reader to participate in it with very intimate insights.

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private insights into the life of an influencer

The title alone quickly reveals the facade of a carefree life as a content creator. Anton's story is about the sides of being an influencer, the dark sides of success: pressure to perform, loneliness and especially the danger of being exploited, even within his own family.

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The success of honesty

With his relentlessly honest and humane way of telling his own story, Anton generated many positive reactions. Both from the readership and from many of his colleagues in the influencer business. Looking back, it was an important step to come to terms with his past and share it with the world. All the best for the future!


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