Guardians of the Geeks

Guardians of the Geeks


Ep. I - There is a war going on in the galaxy. And in the middle of it all? Chris aka Kayzahr as the host of his first Tournament.



Over the last few years, Kayzahr has worked his way to the top of the German-speaking Warzone players and participated in numerous torunaments himself. Therefore, it was only a matter of time until he would invite to one as well. With Guardians of the Geeks, we finally made his long-awaited dream come true in close collaboration.

The tournament format

The duo tournament consisted of two parts: The qualification in custom games on Rebirth Island and the final main tournament, where the first three places could win prizes. The rounds were broadcasted on Twitch on two different days.

About the production

Every tournament has a concept and planning behind it. For example, in the case of Kayzahr's Guardians of the Geeks, this included the development of the tournament format (rules, schedule, etc.), the creation of all graphics, the planning of the social media campaign as well as the integration of sponsors.


Overall, the tournament was a complete success and three lucky winning duos were able to enjoy their prizes. Kayzahr can now cross the dream of his tournament off his to-do list - and who knows, maybe he'll call for the next GotG soon?



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