Our production series "RISE" continues: In 2022, our talents again dare to take on challenges in various games.


What is RISE?

With RISE, we are establishing our in-house Livestream event series, where we cover all steps from planning to marketing to realization. The focus of the events: one of our talents and their community, who can win prizes in a variety of categories at each RISE. The streamers have to complete a certain number of challenges in a game to unlock the prizes. What's special about this? Viewers can participate live in deciding which challenges are played and can therefore take a more active part in the event.

Community integration

Our innovative software makes it possible to analyze chat messages live and thus, for example, to carry out more complex community voting. In the case of RISE, we use this feature to have viewers select 5 challenges from a pre-prepared pool that later have to be fulfilled by the streamer. In the Livestream, the voting results can be displayed and followed in real-time.

The all-round package

For every RISE event, we take care of the all-around package, so our talents are relieved during the stream and our partners are provided with attractive placement opportunities at the same time. Our tool offers the possibility to insert external overlays and advertising space into the artist's stream. At RISE we can for example make use of this to display lower-third banners or the current challenges in the stream. In addition to managing the stream, our tasks also include the prior brainstorming, marketing and graphic preparation of the event.


After we already handled a RISE production in League of Legends with Honeypuu, we ventured together into Valorant at the end of March. With challenges like "Win a round without a headset" or "Achieve an Ace" Isa started into an event that remained exciting until the very end. Shortly before the 2-hour timer expired, she managed to reach the minimum of 12 challenges and, in this case, won an AMD graphics card for her fans.


Elotrix also took on the challenges in our RISE livestream. He easily passed tasks like "First Blood" or "Play 5 minutes with sunglasses" and entertained his viewers with League of Legends after a long time. In the end, he was able to complete a total of 15 challenges and thus raffle off one or the other prize and especially the jackpot - in this case, an AMD graphics card - to his community.


Playing with sunglasses on? Wear the headset the wrong way round? Or perform a song as a team? No problem for our talent dieserkingphil! After Honeypuu & Elotrix, Phil also took on our "RISE" series challenges with AMD in his 24h stream in May. For him, everything revolved around the long-running game Call of Duty: Warzone. Together with his viewers, Phil also managed to complete the minimum number of challenges and unlock a brand new AMD CPU for his community.



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