Marcel Scorpion x Wagner

Marcel Scorpion x Wagner


Wagner gone wild! On the occasion of the Wagner BIG CITY pizza release campaign, a successful collaboration with Ciberdime-Creator and self-declared Wagner gourmet Marcel Scorpion was launched.


Marcel vs. Jonas

In the new AR-Games by Wagner, the competition against Influencer colleague Jonas Ems got down to business. Through a large selection of different mini-games, the audience could be introduced to a new, entertaining side of Wagners pizzas in an interactive way.

Pizza-Party with friends

During a game night with some of our other Ciberdime artists, Haptic & Yonca, and Marcel's girlfriend Sonny, the content of the campaign was presented to the audience in a realistic way.

Successful marketing with Ciberdime

Synchronous to Marcel's content in the form of entertaining Instagramposts and -stories on his account, the promotion was also advertised on Wagner's own channel. In conclusion, the campaign can be summed up as a complete success, so let's continue: Bon appetit!



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