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The Saving with PENNY Challenge

The "Saving with PENNY" Challenge

#erstmalzupenny - that's the motto of Hardi's interactive sponsored stream with the discount grocery store PENNY.

The Saving with PENNY Challenge 1


In his two-hour stream with PENNY, the main focus was on one thing: Mastering challenges with the community. And because the risk of frustration with the difficult challenges is not yet great enough, the whole thing took place in Mario Kart 8.

The Saving with PENNY Challenge 2


While there were a few minor mental breakdowns during some challenges, Hardi aka Dennis mastered many of them with ease. Perhaps not least thanks to his PENNY snacks consisting of cookies and other snacks, which were advertised via interactive embeds throughout the entire stream.

The Saving with PENNY Challenge 3


The stream was promoted as a front-page stream by PENNY and Twitch itself, reaching an even larger audience. Using a browser source, the external production was able to add various branded overlays that made the stream a very special event for Hardi's community and PENNY.


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