DNKL vs UNCUT   Community Event

“DNKL vs UNCUT” - Community Event


Together with AMD and our talents dieserkingphil & Stylerz we took an already existing community event format to a new level.


This is "DNKL vs UNCUT".

Twice already, Phil and Chris ran the "DNKL vs UNCUT" format on Twitch in advance. In this Call of Duty: Warzone tournament, their communities compete against each other, marking their team affiliation with the clantag "DNKL" or "UNCUT." The team with the most wins after five rounds secures the overall victory of the event, which Phil and Chris are commentating live on stream.

The new feature

In contrast to the previous events, this time the hosts had to complete various challenges during the commentary. For example, a match could only be discussed without English terms or sentences could only be formed with rhyming endings. In combination with small funny punishments for mistakes, this resulted in an all-around entertaining event - whether for the players or the viewers.

About the production

In this case, the challenge for us was to develop an already existing format in such a way that it remained the same in essence, but still had a certain innovative value. Among other things, we implemented this through numerous stream overlays, some of which were animated, and the addition of challenges. During the event, there were also interactive votes and various giveaways for the viewers to involve them even more.


The event was implemented in collaboration with AMD and was created as part of a laptop campaign. In addition to a major promotion at the beginning of the Livestream, all overlays and social media graphics were branded. Furthermore, we utilized various overlays and messaging boxes that supported the AMD Advantage System promotion during the event.



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