LEGENDS 2 Warzone 20 Tournament

LEGENDS 2: Warzone 2.0 Tournament


On November 16th the new Battle Royale Shooter from Activision, Warzone 2.0, was released. For the release we organized the first official Warzone 2.0 2v2 Killrace Tournament with LEGENDS 2.0.


About the tournament

In 2021, we established an extremely successful Warzone tournament on the German market with LEGENDS. For the release of Warzone 2.0 this tournament took place for the second time. In over eight hours, a total of 16 duo teams fought for a prize pool of 10,000€.

The entire tournament and project were coordinated and graphically realized by us. In comparison to LEGENDS 1, we went the extra mile and produced the Livestream in close cooperation with Rocket Beans at their studios in Hamburg.

The entire tournament was hosted by our two COD experts Haptic and Elotrix and accompanied by two RocketBeans presenters (Etienne Gardé & Daniel Schröckert).

About the participants

A total of 16 duos participated in the tournament - including some of the biggest German streamers such as EliasN97 or Shlorox. In a colorful mix with numerous Call of Duty veterans such as Stylerz or ViscaBarca, we thus covered various target groups.

Another team was able to win a wildcard for the tournament by submitting their best clips around the game release. As part of the so-called Clip Challenge, Haptic and the previous winner Kayzahr chose their favorites together with their communities.

The numbers

Through our owned media channesl alone, we reached over 1 million views and more than 720,000 unique viewers as part of LEGENDS 2 and the preceding clip challenge. But on social media, the tournament was also well received: With over 80 stories and more than 30 tweets from hosts and participants, pretty much every COD fan knew about the tournament and the release of Warzone 2.0.



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